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Get a professional website designed to best represent you to the online world, a site with streamlined functionality that meets your specific needs and is optimized for today’s search engines so people can find your site in the midst of the millions of other websites out on the internet.

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Custom Professional Design

We don’t take a cookie cutter template that everyone is using, and put your name on it like a lot of others do. We design a website SPECIFICALLY FOR you.

Sure you can go to one of those ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ website makers and use one of their fancy templates or have some other website provider randomly pick a pre-made design and plaster your name all over it, but in the end you’re just blending yourself into an overcrowded online jungle of websites. Your site should be unique and it should LOOK like its YOUR site, people should be able to pick you out of a crowd. Unique. Professional. Yours. That’s what we deliver.

Tech AZ built us a beautifully designed site. I like going to sites that are easy on the eyes, and it feels great to say that our site is one of those sites.

-The Church at Tubac

Streamlined Functionality

Your website should be one of your MOST USEFUL and POWERFUL tools. We build you a site that WORKS FOR YOU.

Your website should work just as hard as you. It SHOULD do what you WANT and NEED it to do. We work with you to find out what value your website can offer you in performance and functionality. Not only do we build it to function the way you want, but in a sleek and streamlined way that looks organic to your website. Yeah you can pay your neighbor’s high school kid to try to figure out how to glue together pieces of code to get your website to ‘kinda’ do what you want, but why do that when we bring you quality work that PAYS you back in functionality instead of creating another headache for you to figure out on your own and maintain.

well crafted streamlined functional websites

We enjoy having customers be able to manage their membership and setup automatic payments through our website. It’s nice when the website does the work for you.

-YWU Martial Arts

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Optimized for Search

If people can’t find your website, then it’s worthless to you. We optimize your website so PEOPLE CAN FIND IT.
We can make your site real pretty and do awesome things, but the bottom line is if people can’t find your website – then it just as bad as not having one at all. In the infancy of the internet it was easy to have someone ‘tweak’ your website so that it showed up at the top of search results for a particular word. Those days are gone, now a days with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, search results are determined based on a large amount of varying factors like: quality of content, number or related words, quality of the website, # of references to the website from other websites. It’s not enough now a days to ‘tweak’ your website for search, your website has to be INTEGRATED into the internet through social media platforms, and has to be LEGITIMIZED by reputable sources like news sites, education sites, or government sites. We not only build your website from the ground up with these factors in mind, but we also provide you with guidance and offer services for getting your website truly integrated and in front of the right people.

Other Benefits of Getting a Tech AZ website solution:


unlimited hosting space

 Unlimited Website Hosting Space

It’s only natural that your website grow over the years. We give you unlimited hosting space so you can grow your website as much as you want – not even the sky is the limit.

business email addressCustom Business E-mail Accounts

Don’t be tacky and use a or We give you email accounts that use your domain name. For instance if your website domain name is, you can have email addresses.

quality technical supportQuality Support

You’ll have access to a backend portal to manage your account and submit service request – day or night. Rest assured that we’ll always do out best to resolve any issues that arise in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is what our business is founded on.

Access to technical tools and adviceAccess to Small Business Technology Tools, Advice, and Help

Get access to our blogs, forums, and reviews and lists of tools that could help you and your organization or business be all that it can be.

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