I understand how it is to run a small business, I am a small business. A lot of the times for small businesses there is very little distinction between you and your business – your business IS you. Your business’ money IS your money – and you want to be frugal. Only spending money where its necessary, and a lot of times, they consider a professionally created website unnecessary – however I’m here to persuade you what a professionally built and maintained website is VERY much necessary. After all – that is MY business, MY life and as a small business my self, I strongly believe that its true.

People Expect You to Have a Website

When you go to a store you have certain expectations including:
• That the store has a building, with electricity, lights, and air conditioning.
• It’s easily accessible. You can enter and exit the store easily.
• It’s clean and organized. You can easily find and get to the items you need to, all without worrying about if you’ve had your latest shots.
In the same manner, people expect your business to first of all, have a website. The world is online. I can find information about pretty much anything I want, I can order nearly anything I want from Amazon even have it the same day I purchased it, I can even order pizza online. If your business is not online – to many people it says, your not a legitimate business. For the same reason that if a store didn’t have a building and instead sold stuff out of a minivan in a back alley – it wouldn’t be taken for a legitimate business.

People Expect Your Website to Be Professionally Built

Second, people expect it to be a professionally built website. A professionally built website projects to the online viewer that you are a serious professional business, and that your a business owner who believes in your business enough to invest in a web presence. Back to the building analogy, if you walked into the store and it was actually a large cardboard box with windows drawn on it in pencil – it doesn’t matter if you have a great product – you aren’t going to take it seriously and instead head over to Walmart. Can your nephew build a web page? Great, my daughter can paint a picture of a butterfly but I’m not having her design your logo. Professional website builders exist for a reason – its not snake oil – its part of owning a business in this day and age.

A Forbes article had this to say “While no website equals missed opportunities, a bad website can actually be worse since it literally makes your business look bad.” It’s the job of website professionals like me to create beautiful, professional, functional websites that truly represent your business and work to bring you more clients, and more sales of products and services.

A professional website is not a waste of your money, but one of the strongest investments you can make in your own business.

So if your in need of a website, or in need of a better website, reach out to me and fill out the contact form below.


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