An important part of SEO is creating “organic” content for your website. What I mean by organic is simply content that is natural, relevant, and interesting to your target audience. An example, is one of my clients, N1 Electric LLC, is an electrical services company focused on those looking for an electrician in the Tucson and southern Arizona area. So the blog posts on the website are centered around electricians and electrical services with articles like “Why should you hire a licensed electrician?” or “Questions to ask when choosing an electrician“. The information is relevant original content pertaining to the professional field of electrical services, providing users with interesting and helpful information. It’s this type of content that search engines like Google take into account in SEO ranking and its this type of content that is likely to be shared by users and other websites – only increasing its SEO power.

Some pointers regarding organic content:

  • Ask what information can you provide to online visitors that is both helpful, interesting, and relevant to your website or the field in which your organization or company is involved in.
  • How can you present that information through your website? Articles? Videos? infographs?
  • Put together a list of articles, videos, and/or infographs or other content and try to regularly publish it to your website and share it via social media.
  • Don’t have time to write an article? Have a colleague or someone else post a guest article or content and promote them through your website.

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