20 SEO Steps to Check Off Before Launching a New Website

Great article by Brenda Barron over at wpmudev.org on 20 SEO steps you should go through before launching a new website in wordpress. Red the full article be clicking the link below.

Step 1. Domain Check
Step 2. Host Check
Step 3: HTTPS Security
Step 4: SEO-Friendly Theme
Step 5: Keyword Research
Step 6: Page Optimization
Step 7: Tag Inclusion
Step 8: Permalink Fix
Step 9: SEO Plugin
Step 10: Image Assignment
Step 11: Content Check
Step 12: Link Internally
Step 13: Link Externally
Step 14: Broken Link Check
Step 15: Add a Blog
Step 16: Security Optimization
Step 17: Page Speed Optimization
Step 18: Image Optimization
Step 19: Social Media Plugin
Step 20: Google Analytics Setup

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