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Your website is only effective if people can find it. Now a days search engine optimization goes beyond keywords and meta tags, today’s SEO is about the quality and design of your site, and your website’s integration into the internet through social media platforms and validation¬†by high valued sources like news and government sites.¬†We will help get your website found by the right people.


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One Site in a Sea of Websites – Why You Need SEO

Do a google search for a word that you would associate with your website (i.e. ‘BBQ‘ if you have a BBQ site, or ‘gym‘ if your website is for a local gym) and you will most likely get back hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of search results. Keep in mind, that most people won’t look beyond the first page, let alone the first 3 pages. To think you can throw together some words on a webpage and automatically your website is going to start getting visitors is ridiculous, you’ll just be another site lost in a sea of websites. Your site needs to be optimized for search so people can find it – and not just so anybody can find it, you want the right people to find it – people that want to visit your site, people looking for your services, product, business, or cause.

What’s included in our SEO Services:

search engine optimization analysis

SEO Analysis of your Current Website

We’ll do a full in depth analysis of your current website, search engine rankings, social media integration and external validation sources. We’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site and deliver you a solid plan for optimizing your site to meet the rigorous standards of today’s search engines.

Optimization Updates to Current Website

After identifying the weaknesses of your site and creating an optimization plan, we will proceed with making the necessary updates to your website to enhance the search ranking of the website. These will include proper meta data, content quality, site maps and whatever else was identified in analysis.

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Online Local Business Listings

Being found online now a days also means you need to be registered and validated with the local business listings of today’s search engine giants (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). We’ll help you get registered and validated and make sure your local online listing complies with your branding strategy.

Social Media Integration

We can identify the social media platforms that will be most beneficial to your website standings. We’ll do the work to get you registered and setup in each platform, and tie the platforms to your website and vice-versa.

Social Media Integration

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